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O N L I N E   T R A I N I N G

Have you worked with a personal trainer before? Do you feel like you have mastered the basics and just need some additional guidance when it comes to designing a training and nutritional program to follow?  Are you too busy with work or traveling to commit to weekly personal training sessions at a fixed location?  Or is signing up for 3 personal training sessions a week for 12 weeks financially too much for you at the moment?


If yes/so, then an online training program may be what you need at this moment in time. However, before you get all excited and jump to the conclusion that this is what you need, here are a few things to consider:


  • Online training requires the majority of the work to come from you 

  • Are you prepared to check in daily  to ensure you're staying on track ?

  • Are you motivated to follow through with the plan set out for you ?

  • Do you have the self discipline to plan your week in advance and set training days and times?

  • Are you prepared to overhaul (if necessary) your current dietary habits and form some new ones?


With my online training program you will get structure, direction and accountability, but ultimately it’s up to you and your level of motivation to get done what we’ve set out to do. 


  • Initial face to face or facetime/email consultation to go over your specific goals and review your current training and eating habits

  • Structured 12 week online training program broken up into phases of 3-4 weeks 

  • 3 one-on-one personal training sessions ( one per month ) to go over any areas training-wise you may be struggling with

  • Access to full exercise video library with audio commentary to help assist with technique 

  • A nutritional plan to follow that will be reassessed every 3-4 weeks (once we have identified your individual needs, whether that be a calorie defecit or surplus)

  • PDF ebooks containing info on lifestyle, nutrition/ macros and training to get you started. 

  • 24hr support via email, Whatsapp or Skype

  • Daily and weekly check ins to assess progress and keep you on track

  • Individualized supplement recommendations (to help with stress, sleep, gut or joint health)

Sounds good? Get in touch by email, WhatsApp or chat to get started.


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