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Flexible Dieting

Tell people they can eat whatever they want and still be healthy and they’ll either embrace it, or get really angry at you that its not true.  

I preach flexible dieting, or IIFYM (if it fits your macros) all the time. It’s a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to eat whatever you’d like while still staying on track towards your goals. Who wouldn’t want that?

Problem is people misunderstand what that actually means. Without any sort of knowledge on tracking calories, you will have zero fucking chance of being a successful “flexible dieter".

Flexible dieting means knowing that you could eat whatever you want at any time. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to eat fried foods every day, it’s understanding that you can enjoy pizza or bakehouse every once in a while and be perfectly healthy and more importantly still stay on track.

Flexible dieting means that because you know how to track your calories, and because you skipped lunch due to a work meeting, you could make up for those missed calories by eating a much higher caloric dinner (which could mean a pizza). At the end of the day if all calories are accounted for there’s nothing to worry about. You can even look at it as a daily thing. Monday you finished the day 500 calories under your target for whatever reason, so Tuesday you have 500 extra calories to play with.  

We're not robots, we are going to have cravings. We are going to want foods that may be less than optimal but that’s ok.


Some people, no matter how many times you drill it into their fucking skull that no foods are inherently bad, will still announce to the world that they are going to start getting healthy by cutting out carbs or fats. STFU. They’re the same people that have zero idea what 100g or carbs looks like compared to 500g of carbs. Its 2021 for fucks sake, when will people realize that nothing needs to be cut out of your diet completely, unless you’re a raging alcoholic or were recently featured on my 600lb life.  

The main takeaway is this: If you can’t be bothered to learn how to track a calorie, don’t be surprised that you still have that stomach pouch or triple chin . With all the apps out there that help you track, it’s honestly harder filling out your fucking tax form. Would you rather be able to eat anything you want in your diet and just have to focus on how much of everything you eat, or would you rather force yourself to go weeks on end eating only vegetables and chicken. I know what I would choose.

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